By Wendy Haines, PhD and Lindsay Jewett

Have you read Roger Nosal’s article in the latest edition of Pharmaceutical Engineering? If you’ve even glanced through your copy, you probably couldn’t help but notice it – it was the article whose headline claimed ISPE’s next Annual Meeting will be held on Mars and that its newest Member was Katy Perry.

Before we start blogging about journalistic integrity, Roger was clearly being tongue-in-cheek in service of his main point—that current industry issues require a challenging and provocative approach, and that as chair of the Pharmaceutical Engineering Committee, he will be guiding the magazine in that direction. He also discussed his goal of improving the relationship between our Society’s official technical magazine and ISPE Members.

To us, a key piece of Roger’s article was his call to Members to provide feedback on the types of articles we want to see in Pharmaceutical Engineering. As the chairs of ISPE’s Young Professionals Committee, we took this call to heart, and here is our response:

As young professionals, we are faced with the challenge of not only learning current best practices, but also trying to ascertain new trends and capabilities within the industry. Our generation leans more toward technology and social media to find information. With that being said, an interactive approach to training, such as articles that promote responses and blogging, will be key to our knowledge. It is critical that Pharmaceutical Engineering try to cultivate the minds of its readers by continuing to produce articles that stimulate discussions. Furthermore, creating a broad range of topics from manufacturing to validation to supply chain will allow the magazine to reach all Members of ISPE.

What did you make of Roger’s article? More importantly, what type of content speaks to you when you read Pharmaceutical Engineering? Let’s discuss it in the comments section below.