DiscussionAre you an ISPE member looking for a better way to connect with your colleagues from around the globe? Or are you a member seeking information on new trends, issues or concerns affecting your profession and your day-to-day work life?

Then consider joining an ISPE Community of Practice (CoP).  CoPs are groups of ISPE members with a common interest and similar job functions who collaborate on topic-specific discussions using the NEW ISPE social networking platform – ISPE Community.

 How does joining a CoP benefit you today?

• CoPs act as a knowledge resource by providing a library of articles, presentations, white papers and more grouped according to your technical focus.

• CoPs provide tips that will help you and your company be more successful and productive

• By joining an ISPE Community, you not only gain access to a wealth of knowledge from your colleagues but now you have the opportunity to share your own knowledge and experiences as well!

We know you are a busy professional without a lot of extra time – ISPE’s new social networking site for CoPs can help you to:

• Easily search through thousands of colleagues’ profiles with a variety of search criteria – easily search by name, company or region – to connect and network with colleagues from around the globe.

• Create a personal profile that’s populated directly into the networking site from your ISPE membership information.

• Customize your profile with your photo, links to other social networks, YouTube videos, company web links, articles and much more!

• Post and respond to questions posed by members and include links and references.

• Stay up-to-date on issues and trends by setting your own preferences for email notifications and subscriptions in Topics and Discussions.

• Combines forum discussions with the networking ease of popular social medial functionality.

CoPs are a free benefit of ISPE membership!   Join one or more Communities by updating your ISPE profile today.  Find a community that best meet your needs – explore your options today www.ispe.org/cops

 Current ISPE Technical Communities

Product Development & Production Systems Network

Facilities and Equipment Network

End to End Supply Chain Management Network

Information Systems Network