How do you build the quality that is essential to all processes and products? Training auditors to conduct good audits is one way.

These are some critical skills auditors must know to conduct successful audits:

  • Using audit trails and checklists to prepare and conduct audits
  • Knowing what points are often missed during an inspection
  • Effectively evaluating audit and report findings
  • Identifying critical components for a good audit report
  • Understanding the concepts behind compliance auditing while knowing global cGMP concepts and regulatory requirements related to auditing

Tools such as checklists also can help the auditor focus on key items.

With proper training, auditors can find issues early, when they may be more easily corrected—and long before they become unmanageable or systemic.

ISPE has a popular course to provide this training, called GMP Auditing for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Offered as a two-day face-to-face training course, it is now also available online with the same level of detail as a new Expanded Course from ISPE eLearning.

If your auditors need to refine their skills, it’s a solid way to help them increase their own quality, quickly. View a short video to see how it works or demo a free course module today.