It’s time for another edition of the Reading Roundup featuring the top blog posts from October 2016.  Grab your favorite cup of coffee, kick back and catch-up on what the pharmaceutical industry was reading in October.

Data Entry in a Pharmaceutical Data Integrity Environment

When working with data entry forms, good pharmaceutical data integrity requires that original values be moved from memory to a durable medium as soon as possible to preserve the integrity of the values and permit creation of a complete activity history for review and release of data. Learn more from Mark Newton on approaches to protecting your company’s data and its integrity.

Data Integrity, Critical Thinking & MHRA 2017, Oh My!

At the 2016 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo, the Information Systems track explored critical thinking skills, analytics in data integrity, and MHRA 2017 data integrity requirements.  Learn from three speakers on the keys to success on each of these areas.

Moving to Single-Use Continuous Manufacturing

Everyone agrees on the value of reducing manufacturing costs, and the critical need to keep patients supplied with high quality drugs. Yet the biopharmaceutical industry–traditionally change-averse–has been slow in transitioning to modern technologies for achieving these goals.  Learn how the biopharmaceutical industry is reaching a paradigm shift with the convergence on two complementary modern technologies, single-use systems and continuous production methods.

Flexible Facility: Benefits of Modular & Prefabricated Cleanroom Structures

Between economic pressure to reduce costs, new drug developments, and more individualistic, personalized therapies, large-area single product brick-and-mortar facilities are being replaced by multiple versatile facilities.  What are the benefits of building a flexible facility?

Creating Supply Chain Excellence, Achieving Superior Performance

Hear from Lou Schmukler, Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Global Manufacturing and Supply President, on how their creating supply chain excellence and achieving superior performance in their supply chain strategy.