It’s time for another edition of the Reading Roundup featuring the top blog posts from January 2017. Start off your weekend by kicking back and catching up on what the pharmaceutical industry was reading in January.

Cast Your Vote for the 2016 Article of the Year Award!

View the articles from Pharmaceutical Engineering® magazine that made the cut for the 2016 Article of the Year Award.  Winning article will be announced on Thursday, February 2.

Continuous Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing: Can It Live up to the Hype?

According to a team presenting during the Continuous Processing session at the 2016 ISPE Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Conference the answer is a resounding “yes, but”!  Andre Walker, CPIP, Principal, Andre Walker Consulting, led this session that debated whether continuous processing could transform the economics of the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry as it did industries from steel to petroleum; and in particular whether the unique nature of biopharmaceutical products represent an insurmountable challenge.  Read more to find out what came out of the debate, and if Continuous Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing can live up to the hype.

Understand the Risk-Based Process Validation Life Cycle Approach

Watch the video from Line Lunsberg-Nielson, Principal Consultant, NNE Pharmaplan, as she shares the key takeaways of ISPE’s Process Validation training course.

ISPE Good Practice Guide: Sampling for Pharmaceutical Water, Steam, and Process Gases

This “first of its kind” document addresses an issue that has been costing the pharmaceutical industry millions of dollars every year and learn more about how it can help your company start saving money today.

Balancing Pre- and Post-Market Control of Health Supplements

Regulatory authorities worldwide employ different terminologies to describe various medicinal and health products. Learn how this is impacting the health supplements market and what regulatory authorities are doing to get a grasp on this rapidly growing market.