Paper on Glass‘Paper on Glass’ transforms a paper-based production system into something quite remarkable – without change to any production equipment or process. Automating the operator and production reporting means post batch analysis is reduced to an absolute minimum by removing the manual heavy element of batch analysis. Products are released to the market potentially faster than paper production methods. Quality is optimized and risk is mitigated as production flow is consistent between batches, execution is strict and no information is missing from the record. With errors in recording information as far as humanly possible eliminated, reworks and rejects are significantly reduced. The benefits of a complete batch control system integrated on mobile tablets avoids cost and is a game changer for pharmaceutical production efficiency. No paper needs to be generated, with no mountains of paper to be stored in secure locations – instant batch analysis means instant revenue. Production activities are aligned in real-time to the gravity of business.

Robert Harrison’s article, “Paper on Glass” User Centric Batch Operations – A Productivity Game Changer for Paper Driven Pharmaceutical Production,” presents how technology has advanced electronic batch record into solutions which compete one-to-one with paper flexibility, opening the door to game changing production efficiencies in pharmaceutical production.

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