Jim McGlade - ISPE Member SpotlightName: James (Jim) McGlade
Title: Science Client Leader
Company Name: BHDP Architecture

Jim is a tireless volunteer who is always willing to jump in and lend a hand, whether it’s presenting an award, moderating a session, or taking on a major project like helping to write a guide. Ask nice enough and he’ll even give you a ride to a meeting. He approaches each task with not only a sense of dedication but a sense of humor.

Jim has been a member of ISPE since 2000 and in his time, he has held leadership positions on the Facility of the Year Awards Committee, Project Management Community of Practice as well as in his local chapter, Carolina-South Atlantic (CaSA) Chapter.

In his day job, Jim is the Science Client Leader for BHDP Architecture where he focuses on helping clients solve their facility challenges.  His solution approach creates environments that address the desired human behaviors to achieve the client’s strategic goals. His 25- year career includes leading a wide variety of complex Science projects.  Jim’s experience includes all phases of the entire project lifecycle however; he has a passion for understanding and strategizing solutions.

ISPE is lucky to have dedicated volunteers like Jim and many others to help advance the pharmaceutical industry.  Learn more about Jim as we interviewed him for the ISPE Member Spotlight.

Where did you go to college/university and what was your major?

I received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Iowa State University and Master of Architecture degree from Clemson University.

What attracted you to pharmaceutical engineering?

Right time, right place. After joining a new firm in 2000, my first project was to manage a greenfield vaccine manufacturing facility. Having only worked on hospitals prior to the assignment, I was drinking out of a firehose for several months. Within the first week of that project, I was hooked and knew my career would continue to focus on the biopharma industry.

When did you join ISPE, and what are some great memories you have of being involved?

I joined ISPE in August of 2000 at the Carolina-South Atlantic (CaSA) Chapter Annual Planning Meeting. I had no idea that one meeting would change my life so significantly. Since that day, I have been afforded the opportunities to:

My fondest memories will always be the great friendships I have been extremely fortunate to develop through my involvement in ISPE. A recent example of this happened just last week at the CaSA Technology Conference as the past presidents were honored as a group. As we gathered that morning prior to the event the atmosphere felt like a high school reunion. Stories and laughter filled the room as we reminisced, not as colleagues, but as friends.

What are you working on now (at work)?

It seems everything I work on anymore starts with the signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement so I will be purposely vague. Currently working on some laboratory upgrades and manufacturing enhancements, more specifically, I am applying the research my firm has done on the behaviors of people and how they impact design. I believe even in the most technical environments there is a human element that needs to be understood and embraced for the space to meet its full potential.

What are working on with ISPE (as a volunteer)? How’s it going?

Currently I am an active member of the Facility of the Year Awards (FOYA) Committee and Project Management Community of Practice.  In addition, I will be a facilitator for the 2017 ISPE/FDA/PQRI Quality Manufacturing Conference in June and helping plan the next Facility of the Future Conference for early 2018. FOYA is a well-oiled machine that just gets better and better each year. Same goes for my cronies in the Project Management Community of Practice, as we continue to push our passion for Project Management to the ISPE community.  Conference planning is a completely different animal from anything else I have done with ISPE.  It has helped grow my appreciation for what the ISPE staff does on a daily basis and the amount of information they manage. The planning for both conferences is going well and everyone should attend both (shameless plug).

Any other comments about volunteering, ISPE, or the future of the industry?

Be selfish and volunteer! Yes, you read that right, think only of yourself and volunteer.
Raise your hand and volunteer to do something different than what you do at work.
Raise your hand and meet new friends.
Raise your hand and have fun.
Raise your hand and grow your most powerful business asset – your network.
Volunteer for you and I know you won’t be disappointed.