Duliere_Frankfurt2014Our Member Spotlight is Jean François Duliere.  Jean François Duliere is Pharmacy Senior Consultant at Technip France where he is in charge of pharmaceutical regulatory compliance and facilities design for Biotech, OSD and Sterile Facilities.

Jean François is Chair of the France Affiliate Board of Directors and Immediate Past Chair of the European Affiliate Council.  He also chaired the Program Committee for the 2014 Europe Annual Conference.  Jean François is also involved in the European Strategic Forum and the Regulatory and Compliance Committee (RCC) European Focus Group.

In recognition of his commitment to ISPE, Jean François was awarded the Max Seales Yonker Member of the Year Award in 2013, which recognizes an ISPE Member who has made significant contributions to ISPE in the past year.  It is named in honor of a dynamic woman who contributed to the Society in many ways and served as a source of inspiration during her battle with cancer.  Because he was unable to attend the Awards Ceremony at Annual Meeting last November, the Award was presented to him in April during the ISPE Europe Annual Conference in Frankfurt, Germany.

When presenting the award, ISPE President & CEO Nancy Berg noted that Jean François has attended many European industry events as an ISPE ambassador, speaking and promoting ISPE to new audiences. As a Volunteer Leader, he has devoted hundreds of hours and countless travel days to ISPE, particularly in 2013.  When he served as Chair of the European Affiliate Council he engaged fellow Affiliate leaders in new initiatives and kept them informed of the new vision for ISPE in Europe.

When not working or involved in ISPE volunteer activities, Jean François enjoys golfing a couple times a month and likes rowing on the Seine River every Saturday morning.

When asked about how he became involved in ISPE, Jean François spoke about how he volunteered to help organize events with his local France Affiliate.  His participation eventually grew to serving on the Affiliate Board of Directors and he was elected Affiliate Chair in 2010.  The Affiliate was able to successfully develop future volunteer leaders, filling vacant positions and include more Young Professionals in the leadership.

As European Affiliate Council (EAC) Chair, one of the major challenges Jean François cited was working on a succession plan for the EAC at a time when ISPE was undergoing major changes.  Now the challenge is to prepare and implement the succession plan and develop future leaders in the coming years.

Jean François noted that the major benefit of involvement in ISPE is being able to network with colleagues from different areas across the industry to gain the knowledge needed to fulfill ever-changing job responsibilities.  He would like to encourage others to get involved at the local level to network with colleagues in their area.

Are you involved with your Chapter or Affiliate?  If not, be sure to find your local ISPE Affiliate or Chapter and take advantage of the local networking activities and opportunities to volunteer.