Honglu Yang YPQ: What is your full name?

Honglu Yang

Q: Birthplace?

Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China

Q: What college(s) did you attend?

Technical University of Denmark

Q: What was your major in college? Why did you choose it?

Master of Science in Civil Engineering. I chose Civil Engineering because it has a direct impact on the human living environment.  I feel that I bring great value to society every time a new facility is built.

Q: What is your current position? What do you do at your job?

I am an HVAC Engineer in H. Lundbeck. I primarily work on design, construction and validation of pharmaceutical production and R&D facilities with specialization in pharma energy management. I have taken roles both as specialist and project manager depending on the contents of projects.

Q: What has your career path been like so far?

So far I have gained a wide range of experience working together with professionals from different value chains in the pharmaceutical industry. My assignments have varied from both consultancies to large pharmaceutical clients and from being the client to managing difference service providers.

Q: What are your ultimate career goals?

I think it is very difficult to describe my ultimate career goals; I am always focusing on the current assignment and trying to deliver the best results. When I do this, I can confidently say that I am prepared for any challenges and opportunities. I am sure that whatever comes my way, I will be able to deliver my best performance.

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

My daily work involves both pharmaceutical and building industries. The best part of working in a multidisciplinary job is that I have the opportunity to form a large network.

Q: When did you join ISPE/how long have you been a Member?

I joined ISPE 2 years ago.

Q: What benefits have you realized from being a Young Professional Member of ISPE?

Involvement as an ISPE Young Professional Member has given me a large professional network and the opportunity to practice my leadership skills by volunteering. It has also given me a community of knowledge sharing.

Q: What involvement have you had within ISPE?

I have taken the role of ISPE Young Professional Chair in the Nordic Affiliate.

Q: Any role models/mentors that have helped and are currently helping you in your career/life?

Yes, I feel lucky that I received instruction and inspiration from many mentors along my career development path. For four years when I was in university,  my previous department manager Carsten Rasmussen and my mentor Nils Frier, helped me open the door to the pharmaceutical industry and build a strong technical foundation in my professional fields. Later on, I got great inspiration from Charlotte Enghave Fruergaard, former Chair of ISPE, who introduced me to ISPE and helped me build an understanding of the whole value chain of pharmaceutical industry by studying for the CPIP.

Q: Any Young Professionals you admire? Why?

I have always looked up to Robert Landertinger, Co-Chair for the ISPE YP Committee; he has given me a lot of inspiration and encouragement to set up the new YP Group in the Nordic Region.

Q: If you were not in the pharma/biotech industry, what career path would you have taken?

I think I am always in favor of working to improve human life. Both the building industry and pharmaceutical industry serve the same purpose. This is also the best part of working in multidisciplinary fields. If I have to choose another industry, I would choose the energy industry, where I could devote myself to creating a sustainable future for human beings.

Q: What is one skill you wish you had but you don’t?

I find it is a more challenging job to manage people than projects, especially in the early stage of a career, where you cannot play the seniority card to push the process through.

Q: Any hobbies?

I generally love all kinds of sports, especially basketball. I like competition and do my best to win the game.

Q: Favorite food?

Spanish and Chinese

Q: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I would say as a Chinese native working in a western environment, I sometimes surprise people by mentioning that the differences between western and eastern culture has become less and less in this globalized world which isespecially surprising to those who have not been to China.

Q: Any advice for other young professionals in the field?

I would say to our YPs, especially in Nordic Region, that it is you who take initiatives to define your ambition and engagement with ISPE. ISPE offers tons of opportunities and platforms to speed up your career development. So it is never too late to reach out to your local Affiliate to find out how ISPE can help you to realize your dream.

Q: Finish the sentence “I can’t live without…”

I can’t live without “fresh air.”   As I work for the state of art in clear air, this means a lot to me.