IT Communication CabinetsWe are living in an era of continuously developing technology – it seems we can never go too long without hearing about a smarter cell phone or a faster computer. The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is known for its slow adoption of technology, because we meticulously research the associated risks – but oftentimes, our industry can benefit tremendously from new, advanced technologies and state-of-the-art information systems.

With information systems technology comes constant change. While continuous progress has resulted in increased application and utilization of innovative systems, broader usage brings new challenges, expectations, and scrutiny by regulatory agencies worldwide.

How can we keep up with all of these evolving systems?

ISPE wants to help you get up-to-date on the most recent dialogue and best practices surrounding information systems. Our Information Systems Track at the ISPE Annual Meeting uses case studies, presentations, and real-world examples to provide you with practical solutions to your toughest challenges.

Topics include:

  • Data Integrity
  • Cloud Computing
  • R&D/Clinical Systems
  • Regulated Mobile Applications
  • Serialization/Track and Trace
  • IT Infrastructure

“Participants of the Information Systems Track will walk away with novel ideas and practical solutions to common problems,” said Michael Rutherford, Track Leader. “This is an exciting time in our industry where understanding and properly leveraging technological capabilities are critical for success.”

Among other takeaways, you’ll learn how to improve your interactions with cloud providers, use your mobile device as a powerful platform for science and medicine, and ensure your data is fully protected.

If you have the right tools and information, rapidly advancing technology can work in your favor. Let ISPE deliver you the tools you need. Register for Annual Meeting today.

Annual Meeting takes place November 8-11 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Visit to learn more.