endtoendSupply chain management is critical to the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, but many things can drastically affect how we operate supply chains in this industry. From counterfeit medicines to trade regulations, we continually see new global trends that impact the way we manage our clinical supplies. It’s important to stay ahead of these trends so as to not let them negatively affect the supply chain process.

Would you like to learn the latest best practices surrounding supply chain management?

The End-to-End Supply Chain Management Track at the ISPE Annual Meeting will provide you with practical applications and real-world insights regarding clinical sites and patient usage. You’ll benefit from focused presentations and discussions on topics that are critical to managing your supplies. Track participants will also get the unique opportunity to hear directly from patients about the impact of clinical trials!

Sessions include:

  • The Patient Initiative: Results from the New Survey and Real-World Applications
  • Turning the Page from Patient-Unfriendly to Patient-Friendly
  • Clinical Supplies and the Investigator Site: Driving a Site-Centric Organization
  • Customs and Border Protection; Trade Regulations and Policy
  • Counterfeit Medicines; Serialization and Track and Trace
  • Clinical Trial Material Supply Chain Metrics and EU Regulatory Challenges
  • English-Only Labels and the Use of Pictograms
  • Early Access to Investigational Medicines

The End-to-End Track covers a wide variety of topics that will help your company get ahead and solve its most difficult problems. You’ll learn how to implement successful strategies and innovative solutions straight from the companies that designed them.

Don’t miss out on your chance to gain this exclusive knowledge. ISPE Annual Meeting is fast approaching – it will be held from 8 – 11 November in Philadelphia, PA. If you’d like to learn more about supply chain management along with five additional education topics, register for Annual Meetingtoday!