By: David Everett II, ISPE IT Director

shutterstock_81103063Many of us have adapted to new technology and found ways to make social media a part of our lives. Others have resisted and will only use it while they are kicking and screaming in protest. Let’s face it, social media is a permanent part of our lives and if you resist, you may be left out and as we all know, “resistance is futile” (excuse the geek moment).

ISPEAK, the official blog of ISPE , is pretty cool. In addition to being an information hub for ISPE, it is quickly becoming an important and convenient communication tool for ISPE members, subject matter experts and the industry at large. Engaging content and the unique contributions of members are nurturing the ISPE community by exposing readers to information and points of view that they may not have  been aware.

As the IT guy for ISPE, I would like to offer a few suggestions for easily incorporating social media, specifically ISPEAK, into your routine to stay informed and remain connected with the growing ISPE community.


If you subscribe to ISPEAK via email, you will receive a message with each new post. And if your subscribed email is enabled on your mobile device, you have the added flexibility of staying informed while you’re on the go.


My favorite option is to subscribe to ISPEAK’s RSS Feed, where you will find an index of all posted articles. Note, you will need a RSS enabled browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox or other RSS Readers like NewzCrawler or even Microsoft Outlook. There are many mobile and tablet options, too. Whether you’re an Android or iPhone user (Team iPhone here!) or even Blackberry, there are dedicated RSS readers available in the respective app stores. Depending on the reader you choose, there are many useful features to keep you informed when new articles are posted.


Making daily visits to the ISPEAK website ( is always an option, too.  Its responsive design will work well on your computer as well as your mobile or tablet device, regardless of screen size. And since your mobile or tablet experience is the same as on a computer, you won’t miss any of the great features.


You also can find ISPE on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Liking and/or following ISPE is another great way of staying informed of new ISPEAK content as well as other ISPE information. The desktop website and the mobile apps have many features to alert you when a new post has been added.

I hope these suggestions can help you conveniently integrate ISPEAK, as well as other social media entities, into your daily routine.

Here are some helpful links to get you started:

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