Innovation Forum Final (1024x678)“Innovating” is the process of introducing novel ideas, devices, or methods, and bringing them together in a way that positively impacts society. Innovation is vital to the rapidly changing pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. However, the adoption of new designs and processes often creates new challenges. ISPE understands these challenges, which is why we have added a brand-new education track to our 2015 Annual Meeting program: Innovation Forum.

The Innovation Forum Track at 2015 ISPE Annual Meeting will teach participants how our highly regulated and competitive industry can adopt innovation as a benefit, rather than a risk. Led by Keith Gibbs, Director of Project Delivery, Innovative Process Solutions, this track will focus on the fundamentals of issues facing our industry in the next 20 years and how to identify areas of business and quality risk. Industry experts will also demonstrate how organizations can foster a culture that supports innovation by enabling team members to solve their own problems, encouraging innovation across all business units, and accepting that there are different paths to fixed goals.

Among many key topics to be discussed at Innovation Forum, participants will learn about how to overcome Paradigm Paralysis: the inability or refusal to see beyond the current models of thinking. More specifically, we’ll explore how we can adopt the new paradigm of patient-centric Quality Culture as a solution to drug shortages.

We will also examine unique processes for planning and funding future manufacturing facilities in a time where current best practices are slow and imprecise. These are just a few topics among many that will be covered – for a full list of sessions, click here.

ISPE is excited about this new education track and the fresh ideas to come along with it, and we would love for you to be a part of the conversation! Register for 2015 Annual Meeting to discuss Innovation Forum and participate in many other education tracks.

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