By: Reneé Smith, ISPE Associate Director, Marketing Communications

ISPE is striving to tailor our content more precisely to ensure that you’re receiving only the most current information that is relevant to your job and the professional needs of you and your

Managing your ISPE subscription is the first step in achieving this goal.

We understand that our members are busy and you receive more email from a variety of brands than ever before.  Managing your inbox of day-to-day business communication as well as brand emails can overwhelm even the most dedicated and organized of individuals.

Every email you receive from ISPE now includes a “Manage my Subscription” link at the bottom of each email. We recommend taking a few minutes to open the link and review your subscriptions. We want to make sure you receive the information that is most important to you. A few minutes now could save you time later by not receiving, reviewing, deleting emails that are not relevant to your needs.


Clicking on the link will take you to the “Manage Your Subscription” page.


First, confirm that your name and email are correct.  Next, you will see the list of email classifications available to you. By default, all communications will be selected. Uncheck those topics you don’t wish to receive. Please note if you are a member, there are certain ISPE business communications that you will always receive.

In addition to managing your email subscription, keeping your ISPE profile current is another way to ensure you receive relevant content. Many communications are determined by your job title, function and location, so if you haven’t updated your profile recently, you may continue to receive emails that don’t match your current needs.

Finally, selecting and joining our Communities of Practice allows you to ask questions, find solutions to common problems and share your industry knowledge and expertise with colleagues from around the world. It also provides us one more way to distribute relevant messages and the beneficial materials which are part of your membership.

At ISPE, we recognize that you may prefer to receive your information from outlet other than email; so we have introduced a variety of social media platforms, including ISPEAK, ISPE’s online news source, ISPE Linked-In group and Facebook along with a daily twitter feed, for quick updates.

Much of our marketing communication strategy is guided by what our subscribers want (or don’t want). Your feedback is essential in meeting the needs of our subscribers and members.

We want to know what content you find valuable and what the best avenues are to receive information. Tell us more in the comments.