ISPE is pleased to announce the launch of a new professional networking community for Young Professionals.  The Young Professionals Community joins more than 16 technical communities where ISPE members meet to discuss topics of technical interest within the pharmaceutical lifecycle.

This NEW community has been created as a resource for Young Professionals to connect and network with one another using the new online community tool. The community will be THE place to discuss technical and professional issues, promote events, share ideas as well as make new professional contacts.

This online community gives young professionals the opportunity to connect with other ISPE Young Professional members to get feedback on challenges or work place situations, either professionally or technically.

It’s simple!

1. Update your online community selections and add the Young Professional Community

2. Click Submit

3. Begin exploring the new Young Professionals Community by going to http://cop.ispe.org/yp

Please allow 45 minutes for your community membership to update. 

Consider posing a question in the Discussions section and watch the conversations grow. You never know what kind of response you may receive from other YPs who may have faced or are facing the same issue

Young Professionals Book Club

The new YP Community will also be the platform for the YP Book Club starting on 23 March. Discussion topics will be posted weekly and a new book will be chosen every 2-3 months. The first book club selection is Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, and Act like a Leader by author, Dianna Booher. Purchase or borrow a copy now and join the YP Community to find out how the tips and tricks in the book can help you start changing the small things in your life that will make people notice the difference!

A teaser to the upcoming discussion is a quote from the book:

 “Bulging briefcases say “I do all the work.” Slim briefcases say, “I assign the work.”  

We are excited to watch this network grow and connect YP’s and students across the world!

Visit the new site today to:

  • Gain access to support and advice while encouraging one another in our professional advancement
  • Participate in discussion that promote, foster and direct programs for those new to the industry
  • Explore issues common to younger professionals and seek means of accentuating the positives and finding resolutions for the negatives

Everyone is Welcome

The YP Professional Community is not just for YP members! All levels of membership are welcome to join the community, whether you’re a Student or interested in serving as a Mentor.

How do you plan on using the new YP Community?