How Does Your Process Capability Program
Stack Up Against Your Peers?   

The pharmaceutical industry and the FDA have been pushing for process capability to become more mainstream. ISPE’s Process Capability team, in conjunction with PQLI, has developed an industry specific model that can help companies design a robust program and also compare it to their peers. Invest 60 minutes of your time to find out where you stand. You will be provided with a customized report showing how your answers compare with the anonymized results of your peers.

Members of the Process Capability team are conducting the survey. Results of the study will be presented at the 2016 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo in September. We will, of course, respect your confidentiality by blinding your responses and pooling the results with other participants.

To participate, please contact one of the following no later than 12 August:

Mike Thomas, +1-610-308-0709 or

Stephanie Haase, +1-610-337-0820 ext. 3044 or