Operational excellence is more than special projects led by highly trained Black Belts. Professionals working outside of formal operational excellence efforts also have an opportunity to work more effectively using some of the tools associated with operational excellence and Lean Six Sigma. The ISPE Annual Meeting has a specialized session specifically designed to show you how to achieve operational excellence

Did you know that striving for operational excellence doesn’t need to wait until a facility is operational? In fact, the application of Lean Six Sigma techniques can be accomplished during the initial facility design to improve layout efficiency and reduce capital investment and operational expenses. An inefficient layout and design can increase operational wastes, thereby negatively impacting the facility productivity. Lean wastes, excessive motion, transportation, waiting and excessive inventory can be attributed to facility inefficiencies such as poor adjacencies, inadequately sized staging spaces and equipment. Additionally, applying these techniques provide an opportunity to improve sizing and layout by optimizing travel paths, storage spaces, material handling equipment and processes.

During the Designing for Operational Excellence session, on Tuesday 14 October from 10:15 – 11:30 at the ISPE Annual Meeting, we will focus on two key areas that, when met, will increase the efficiency of your facility and reduce waste:

1. Master Planning – Improving operations to meet forecasted demands, while minimizing capital investment and staffing expenditure
2. Lean Facility Design – Understanding user requirements and operational issues during facility programming to optimize the layout with respect to travel paths and equipment sharing.
At the conclusion of the session you will be able to:

– Understand the benefit of these operations improvement techniques through case studies that provide real results
– Learn how to apply lean tools & techniques during the design phase
– Understand how these techniques can minimize capital investment and staffing expenditures
– Analyze / categorize improvements to provide a business case for the project

See in you in Las Vegas! Learn more about the 2014 ISPE Annual Meeting here.