Sharpen Your Skills with Pharmaceutical Knowledge

Get out of the cold this winter and head down to sunny Florida to take advantage of pharmaceutical industry lead training from ISPE.  Courses in February and March include:

GAMP®* Approach to Data Integrity (T50) New!
6 – 7 February
Gain a practical understanding of the current regulatory focus on data integrity and provide tools and solutions.

HVAC (T14) Updated!
8 – 10 February
Examine the challenges and accepted HVAC solutions, including control system alarm management; common system construction deficiencies; cGMP documentation; how to maintain an “inspection ready” state; frequency of testing and balancing; airflow visualization and air change rate reduction and a review of ISO14644-1 & 2.

Clean In Place (T03) Updated!
13 – 14 February
Submerge yourself into this hands-on workshop for working in groups to design, build, and implement a cleaning process for a pharmaceutical application.

Facility Project Management in the Regulated Pharmaceutical Industry (T26)
6 – 7 March
Develop the concept of the project lifecycle from initiation through to delivery of business benefits and get the tools needed to manage all project resources in the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry.

GAMP 5 GxP Compliance (T21)
9 – 10 March
Highly interactive course to help you achieve process control systems that are fit for intended use and current regulatory requirements while utilizing the principles and concepts of GAMP 5.

Process Validation in Biotechnology Manufacturing (T32)
27 – 28 March
Gain a clear understanding of the regulatory, scientific, and engineering tools required to successfully develop and validate bioprocesses, as well as identifying the long list of activities required to validate biopharmaceutical processes.

Practical Application of Technology Transfer (T19)
30 – 31 March
Identify criteria for successful technology transfer (TT) and receive ‘how to’ examples which can be individually tailored, depending on the type and scope of your transfer.

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*GAMP® is a set of guidelines for manufacturers and users of automated systems in the pharmaceutical industry and is a registered trademark of ISPE.