ISPE 2017 European Biotechnology Conference

Biologics will be the fastest growing sector of the pharmaceutical industry in the next decade. Nearly 30 to 40% of medical drugs will be made in the biopharmaceutical production process.

This will certainly lead to a high level demand for pharmacuetical industry resources and create  bottlenecks. How will your company prepare to get the right people on board for this growing sector? What skill sets and capabilities are needed in the future?  How can companies work  with academia to ensure upcoming pharmaceutical young professionals have the right foundation?

Biologics are complex and require a high level of specialisation, which leads to the need for developing  networks of big and small companies who can work together on  similar projects. Management capabilities, such as project management and setting up supply and quality agreements, will also be needed now, more than ever before.

Join top pharmaceutical industry professionals and NIBRT, the National Institute for Bioresearch and Technology, as they address these questions and more at the ISPE 2017 Europe Biotechnology Conference in Dublin 26 – 27 September 2017.

The ISPE 2017 Europe Biotechnology Conference will highlight case studies and address the specific challenges and opportunities in managing technical projects related to the five megatrends in biotechnology which include:

  • Industry 4.0, digitization and automation
  • Product portfolio management
  • Small batches production
  • Technology platform understanding
  • Continuous manufacturing

Network with peers, key pharmaceutical industry suppliers, and Young Professionals to get the answers you need to stay ahead of the fastest growing sector of the pharmaceutical industry at the ISPE 2017 Europe Biotechnology Conference.

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Looking forward to seeing you in Dublin in September!

Thomas Zimmer, PhD
Vice President, European Operations, ISPE