Article of the yearPharmaceutical Engineering magazine established the “Article of the Year” award in 1993 to recognize outstanding contributions from authors. Articles are evaluated by a panel of volunteer reviewers according to a number of criteria concentrating on the importance and timeliness of the subject matter and the quality of the presentation.

The finalists for each “Article of the Year” are chosen from the previous year’s September/October issue through the July/August issue of the current year. Finalists are announced in the September/October issue of Pharmaceutical Engineering. The author(s) of the winning article are recognized at ISPE’s Annual Meeting held each November.

The 2014 Roger F. Sherwood Article of the Year Award winner is “Chemical and Media-Free Pretreatment for Biopharma RO – Electrolysis for Scale Precipitation and UV Dechlorination by Nissan Cohen and Shlomo Sackstein.  The article identifies the issues plaguing water systems with Reverse Osmosis (RO) and defines the proper criteria of operation.

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